Three things happened while pursuing my college diploma in commerce in Quebec.  I read a book about stress.  I also had enrolled in a yearlong course in developmental psychology and lastly, I failed accounting for the second time.  I decided that I wasn’t really cut out for the commerce degree.

So I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology which was fascinating to me and I knew I was on the right track.  After graduation, I worked in human resources for a ski resort, in charge of all the recruiting, training, firing, and motivating staff; this was an eye opener and quite a study of human psychology and behavior.  I wanted to know more.

I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology to build on my skills and knowledge for really understanding what makes people tick.  While I was studying, I had a job working with people with disabilities, which was both rewarding and an amazing experience.  I have since worked with many different demographics and with people who come from all walks of life who all need help with what got me started on this pathway: stress.

Whether it is stress from a relationship, illness or trauma, this physical and emotional experience it creates permeates our lives more than ever.  It gets the better of us if we let it. It sidelines us from participating in our activities and gets in the way of our healthy relationships with friends and family.

I find it truly rewarding to give people the knowledge and tools to help them make change in their lives, ease those stressors and get back in the game.  I am so glad I failed that accounting class….

Bruce Waldie

Registered Clinical Counsellor