Lauryn’s Story……

Being Ontario born and raised, and never having been to BC prior to my move, the most common question I get is how I ended up in Vernon and at Easthill Physiotherapy. I tell people “on a whim”, but really I came here to chase mountains. I consider myself to be adventurous and outdoorsy and felt like I was tapped out on outdoor adventure in the flat lands of Ontario. I was lucky enough to come across Judy and Easthill Physio during my job pursuit and instantly came to love her approach to physiotherapy care and services. Without looking back, I packed my life into my tiny Kia Rio and drove across the country in the pursuit of adventure and to start my career at Easthill Physiotherapy.

I grew up immersed in physiotherapy. Both of my parents are physiotherapists and owned their own clinic, which I spent plenty of time in as both a child playing with the exercise equipment, and throughout my youth volunteering. I have so many memories interacting with clients in the gym, and remember the amazing words they had to say about my parents whenever we ran into them in the community. With the experience growing up surrounded by physiotherapy I came to have an interest and appreciation for the profession and knew it was the career for me.

With a background in Health Promotion as my undergrad, I love how physiotherapy allows an outlet for preventative primary healthcare or ‘Prehab’. I whole-heartedly believe that “exercise is medicine” and that by moving more and moving well, we can help reduce health care cost burden and improve overall quality of life of society. I believe that providing great client-centered care means giving your patients well-rounded home exercise programs that are specific to their unique needs. My favourite exercise: single leg palloff press!

Lauryn Bryan

Registered Physiotherapist