Everything you wanted to know about physiotherapy,
but forgot to ask…

You know all of those questions that you forgot to ask us when you hung up the phone after making your appointment? Well, here are the answers. You will want to read this. We like to answer as many of your questions as we can before we even meet you. If there is anything we missed, our helpful staff will be happy to answer anything else you need to know at any time.

A physiotherapy visit with us always involves detailed physical assessment and treatment. So for upper body and back injuries a tank top or sports bra is usually necessary. For lower body and back injuries, we require that you wear shorts. If you bring your own, that's great! If you forget, we always have backup (and perhaps not so fashionable) clothing.
That depends on a multitude of factors, the nature of your injury and how you heal. Your physiotherapist will give you a guideline on what to expect and a treatment plan on how long it will take to recover.
That depends. For acute injuries, those that are less than a week old, ice is usually the way to go. For more chronic conditions, heat works well. However, your physiotherapist will explain to you which one it the best for your specific injury. If in doubt, please ask!
We are open 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Our therapists work different schedules so check with our administration staff to see what your therapist's hours are. Booking ahead is recommended.
At the moment we are able to direct bill all Pacific Blue Cross and Green Shield plans, and are working on being able to direct bill other insurance plans soon. We will keep you posted! We can also direct bill Worksafe BC, ICBC, RCMP and DVA. For PBC extended health care plans, we just need your policy number and we can take it from there!
Unfortunately, most extended plans cover acupuncture only if it is provided by a registered acupuncturist. Our physiotherapists are all licensed and qualified to practice acupuncture but we are registered physiotherapists and not registered acupuncturists. So we are required to bill your treatment as a physiotherapy visit.
We require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. You may be subjected to our $25 no-show fee if you miss your appointment or cancel with short notice. We do understand that unforeseen circumstances happen but please help us accommodate our patients by giving us adequate notice.
MSP covers people for physiotherapy if their combined family income is below $30,000/year. You are entitled to 10 visits per calendar year in total for physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic. If you are unsure if you are eligible, our administrative staff can check for you. We just need your care card number to do so.
We want to know this as soon as possible to make it right! It is so important to us that you let us know; we like to learn from your feedback and will always make immediate changes to make your experience what you were expecting. You can call us, discuss the issues with your therapist, fill out our on-line survey (click on the feedback button to the right on this page) or send us an email outlining your concerns. We also realize that it must be a good fit between you and your therapist. Our therapists all have strong clinical skills and each have their own unique way of treating. If for any reason, you don't feel that you are a good match with your therapist, no problem! Let us fix you up with the right person.

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