My journey to becoming a physiotherapist started when I was 14. I grew up in rural Ontario and one of my favourite pastimes was/(is!) playing sports. I was playing soccer one day, when I stepped on the ball and heard a loud snap, leaving me immobile. This first major injury led me to my future mentor, Lyle (who was also the only physiotherapist in town). During my physiotherapy appointments with Lyle, he learned that I was an academic and top of my class. He suggested I follow his tracks and pursue a Kinesiology degree at the University of Waterloo, followed by Physical Therapy at nearby Queen’s University. At age 14, I shrugged it off, but it was permanently stored somewhere in the back of my brain…

Fast forward a few years to the University of Waterloo, where I was studying in the Pre-Med program and continually playing through injuries as a goalkeeper for the varsity soccer team. My friend’s Kinesiology courses looked much more interesting, so I switched my major in my first year. Throughout my degree I began to focus on the study of spine biomechanics with the world’s leading lower back rehab and performance expert, Dr. Stu McGill. I was lucky to write papers with such influential people, but I knew this wasn’t my final destination.

When it was time to move to the next step I did end up going to Queen’s University for my Master of Physical Therapy. Of all people, Lyle officially became my supervisor, and the story came full circle. This time I saw Lyle and his clinic through a different lens. I was fascinated with his ability to help anyone who walked in the door, as well as connect with them on a personal level. He showed me how rewarding it truly is to help others. I am certain, if somebody needed his help, but could only afford to pay a tomato from their garden, he would be more than happy. To this day, whenever I am faced with a moral or ethical decision, I ask myself: “What would Lyle do?”

All my training and my years of practice since, have been done with relentless perfectionism. I’m addicted to professional development, taking new courses, and learning new evidence-based ways to help a growing population of physical issues. Sports injuries and chronic pain are my staples, but I also love treating vertigo and concussions. The more complicated the problem, the more rewarding the solution!

My wife and I moved to Vernon with our dog Harvey just over 2 years ago and it has been a perfect fit. We love the mountains and lakes that surround us, and the hiking, swimming and snow activities available. In the summer we can go to a new trail or mountain every single weekend! The surplus of golf courses has also inspired me to become a certified Titleist Performance Institute Physiotherapist, ready to serve all your golfing needs. The community in Vernon is so active and inspiring, and the Easthill Physiotherapist family has been so welcoming; there is no better place to be a physiotherapist.

Rob McMillan

Registered Physiotherapist