Ross’s story….

I love being a physio because it allows me to help people get back on their feet and back to the things they love to do. There is nothing more rewarding than that.  I help people in some pretty trying and frustrating times when pain is slowing them down from doing their activities or sports. Being able to help people get rid of their pain, and get them feeling like their normal selves again is a privilege and the best part of my job. Each patient’s success story is a little victory for me; I learn from each experience how to better help the next patients I will treat.

It’s said that variety is the spice of life; well, that applies to physio too…a great part of being a physio is getting the opportunity to help people from all walks of life.   Whether it’s an older adult that is having trouble climbing the stairs in their home, a new mother who is having difficulty picking up her baby because of back pain, or an experienced runner trying to get back on track to complete their first marathon, every success story is important to me.

As a lifelong athlete, I’ve had my fair share of injuries!  If you asked me, I’d claim it’s mainly for research purposes, but the reality is that pain and injury is a part of life at some point, including physiotherapists!   For me, my personal experiences with injury have helped me be become a better physiotherapist. Through empathy and understanding about what it takes to heal from injury, I know it’s not necessary to just put up with or live with pain, physiotherapy really does help!


Ross Horsley

Registered Physiotherapist